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About Us

The story begins with a couple from northern China who runs a dumplings restaurant in the early 1990s. A few years later they have to left their hometown and moved to Canada.  After moving to the foreign land,  the taste of authentic Chinese dumplings couldn't be found anywhere.

Mr.Song and his wife have decided to run their own restaurant to share the taste of the East. The early stage of their entrepreneurial journey was difficult. The couple has achieved with their perseverance and expertise, the first Qing Hua Dumplings' restaurant opened in 2009,  within 6 months of operation, the place soon became very popular, and customers began to spread the word far and wide.  Reported and praised by many local newspapers and food bloggers.  From there the expansion has begun. Today,  Qing Hua Dumplings is well reputed and beloved by a large range of local customers.



Careful selection of ingredients; attention to detail in food preparation; traditional cooking techniques; we offer the best possible tableside service.

The top-class food that we serve is the embodiment of this service philosophy.


Our insistence on quality is part of our responsibility to our customers. Each and every moment is an opportunity to show that we care, and each and every detail is a small part of the foundation that our brand is built upon.


 We have been perfecting the art of dumpling making since 1990. Using only premium quality ingredients to prepare handmade juicy dumplings.  

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